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The Estate Protections of a Guardianship

As people age or get ill, it is an unfortunate fact that mental ability starts to decline. In most cases, people may not be as sharp, but they will remain sharp enough to take care of their own affairs. But sometimes, whether due to injury or disease, the ability to make basic decisions about someone’s own affairs, deteriorates.

Children after they reach 18

When they reach age 18, you are no longer legally in control - as if you were for the last few years! We were all a little crazy as teenagers. To most parents’ surprise, upon your child’s reaching age 18, you no longer have a right to medical information, college grades, or virtually anything else.

Many are aware of how important it is to have a designated health care surrogate. A surrogate can be designated with a simple form, and can help make crucial health care decisions for you if you are incapacitated or simply in a position where you can’t make those decisions on your own.

Your child is grown - my how things change!

Just a few years ago they were your bundles of joy, then your sleepless nights, your evenings and weekends with sports; you were the tutor, they the students. Now they are going to college. My, how things change! And they have changed probably more than you realize.

Estate planning - seeing into the future

Opinions vary on the "Standard of Care" for an estate plan. To a great degree, it depends upon the size and nature of assets, family circumstances, and a really good crystal ball in which to see the future. What is the minimum needed documents for the hypothetical "average" Jack or Jill - or possibly Jack and Jill and the three minor J's?

Free Money - the need for a ILIT

The answer to “Why an ILIT?” If you have a taxable estate, then an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust creates free money. Really.

OK, so your estate is going to be taxable. You get it. Your family will be paying out a chunk. In order to be prepared for that reality, you can choose to keep that chunk in cash or near cash assets – which we all know gives pretty poor returns AND isn’t always possible to do. Just to be realisitic, you may have mortgages or lines of credit that will be called due at death.