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NO “expectation of privacy” in your Gmail

Privacy and confidentiality are difficult to maintain in our technical world. Legal consequences of failing to maintain something private and confidential can be devastating.

Planning Error

The concept of Buy-Sell Agreements in close-held businesses has long been a means of preserving value, and continuing a successful enterprise. The benefits of business continuity include those of the employees, customers, suppliers, taxing authorities among others. 

Crowdfunding Laws Get More Favorable for Small Businesses

Crowdfunding is the new way for entrepreneurs, inventors and business to raise money in a new economy. Campaigns that use crowdfunding have given rise to a new economy, where innovative products find their way to market, and where inventors who aren’t Fortune 500 companies can afford to get the financing to bring their ideas to life.

Public Filings Can Avoid Apparent Authority Problems

Businesses that have employees usually delegate to those employees certain tasks and responsibilities. In many cases, employees need to speak on behalf of the company in order to carry out daily business functions. But not every employee is authorized to do everything for the corporation.

Call a meeting 

If you call a meeting, whether it’s with employees, a client or a vendor, be prepared to lead it.  You called it; you must know why.  Don’t depend on others – instead, prepare. An agenda outline is advisable.  Don’t go overboard with detail, or the meeting is without meaning.  Meetings are for ideas, discussions, and feedback, not merely announcements and notices.

timeless management principles
In the ninety years since these principles were formulated, much has changed in the work place. Nevertheless, these managerial principles are based on such solid thinking that they are still valid. The following concepts are from Fayol’s General Principles of Management (1916). They could have been written yesterday, and are timeless wisdom.