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We take our work seriously, but not ourselves, and provide this balance of insights, humor, irony, and yes, reality, in the hope this will add knowledge and general enlightenment! Take something away and share it with others. Our goal is to simplify complexities as much as the law will allow, but still, be able to smile.



Corporate & Business

Choices & Formation of Business Entities
  Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)
Corporate and Business Entity Maintenance
Business Consulting and Negotiation
Business Sales and Purchases
Mergers and Acquisitions
Buy-Sell and Shareholder Restriction Agreements
Exit Strategies and Succession Planning
Employment Agreements, Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
(including independent contractor agreements)
Confidentiality Agreements
Contracts, including:
  Licensing Agreements
Debt Instruments
Security Agreements
Related Documents
Inventory Financing Documentation
Planning for Business Succession

Tax Planning

Deferred Compensation
Self-Cancelling Installment Notes

Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

Proper Ownership and Titling
Structuring to Minimize Risk
Alternate Ownership
Use of Business Entities
Use of Trusts
Proper Financing Methodology
Implementing Risk Reduction Processes


Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Trusts, Charitable Trusts
Powers of Attorney, including Durable, Medical Care, Limited or Special
Living Wills, Medical Authority, Body Disposition
Estate and Trust Administration
Wealth Preservation
Life Estates & Deeds
Educational Trusts
Medicaid Planning Issues
Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Property Contracting


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Law Changes Make Health Care Surrogacy Easier

Law Changes Make Health Care Surrogacy Easier

Many are aware of how important it is to have a designated health care surrogate. A surrogate can be designated with a simple form.
NO “expectation of privacy” in your Gmail

NO “expectation of privacy” in your Gmail

Privacy and confidentiality are difficult to maintain in our technical world. Legal consequences of failing to maintain something private and confidential can be devastating. Not merely the embarrassing things, but hints about technical developments patents or copyrights or confidential pricing.
Crowdfunding Laws Get More Favorable for Small Businesses

Crowdfunding Laws Get More Favorable for Small Businesses

Crowdfunding is the new way for entrepreneurs, inventors, and business to raise money in a new economy. Campaigns that use crowdfunding have given rise to a new economy, where innovative products find their way to market.
Marriage is a partnership. Planning is an important and often omitted consideration.

The Joy of a Good Marriage

Marriage has often been referred to as a partnership. It is very unique, in that it binds people to a civil contract that carries with it a lot of responsibility, and serious consequences.

older generation

The Estate Protections of a Guardianship

In most cases, people may not be as sharp, but they will remain sharp enough to take care of their own affairs. But sometimes, whether due to injury or disease, the ability to make basic decisions about someone's own affairs, deteriorates.
Living Trusts

Living Trusts-what they are and how they work.

A revocable living trust–often just called a living trust is, in reality, a contract. In current time it is treated as a legal creation designed to hold legal title of a person or persons’ assets and designation of an agent(s) (called Trustees) to manage the assets as directed by the law and the Trust document.

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