9-1-1 Infomation

Natural disastersWe have long planned for emergencies which could close our office or destroy the premises. Here, near Tampa Bay, the most likely disaster is a hurricane, but any number of other events could affect us. Firstly, our Website is independent of our office, hosted elsewhere. It is unlikely to be affected. We will place notices on our Website to reassure our clients and friends. If widespread problems damage our web host, the site will be transferred to another location as soon as possible. We will also post telephone contact numbers, postal and physical locations. Our e-mail will be transferred as well to a new location. We are prepared.

Critical office and client records are backed up to off-site locations which are mirrored in other countries - and encrypted - for safety.  While it isn't easy, it is certain that we and all our records, client data, and office functionality will be safely in another locale, and reconnected to the internet rapidly. Be patient; a widespread disaster may keep us from restoring connection for a bit - but we will be there! BE SAFE!!

Stratton, for the firm