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Admitted to the Bar

Myth #7 - Being "Admitted to the Bar" isn't when you reach 21, or join a secret society. Today it just means being permitted to practice law for others. What is meant by the "Bar" you ask? It is not a saloon or public house (Pub, you know). It is more interesting than that.

Independant Contractor

Myth #8 - No, not the guy at the left!  A worker doing tasks for you who is NOT your employee is called an “independent contractor.”  The rules which permit not withholding taxes, social security and Medicare,  and paying matching amounts for the last two are stringent.  Many employers continue to pay employees as if they were really independent contractors.

Myth - Attorney-Client $1.00 retainer fee

Myth #9 - The myth: you do not have an attorney-client relationship unless money changes hands. If my firm had collected $1.00 for each of those tacit bits of legal advice dispensed as a courtesy, we could retire yesterday! Yet in each, a client relationship was established. What then is the criteria?